WATCH: Jason Mraz on the 'Have It All' Video, Broadway & His 'Personal Collection' of Sad Songs

May 15, 2018
Jason Mraz performed at The Hamilton Live for our latest edition of Fresh Faces, Fresh Music.

Photos by Brian Fagin


By Erin Thibeau

Jason Mraz found the inspiration for his new single on a visit to Myanmar in 2012, where he heard a Buddhist greeting that translates roughly to "may you have auspiciousness and causes of success." Years later, the singer journeyed to a middle school in Richmond, Virginia, to shoot the feel-good, dance-happy music video for "Have It All." 

Mraz is a Turnaround Arts Ambassador, and he visits schools to "infuse arts into the curriculum," as he told The Tommy Show backstage at the Hamilton Live before his performance on Tuesday. He invited some of the kids in that program to be in the video.

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"We got 200 kids to come to school on a Sunday. That's how influential the arts are." he said.

Mraz recently starred alongside Sara Bareilles in the musical "Waitress" on Broadway. "She's hilarious and so passionate and so giving. It was a delight to be in that show with her," he said of his co-star.

Being in the musical "really stoked my performing-artist fire," he told Tommy, Kelly and Jen. "I actually became a songwriter because I wanted to be a performing artist," he said. "I finally found a job on Broadway." 

PHOTOS: Jason Mraz Peforms at the Hamilton Live

Performing in "Waitress" gave Mraz "a little ray of hope and sunshine" that he'd been missing in his songwriting. "I write a lot of sad songs actually," the singer confessed.

"I probably won't tour those songs or promote those songs, but yeah, 2016 and 2017 were very tumultuous years, and I wrote songs that reflected that. That's why I didn't put music out those years." 

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