Loudoun County Judge Denies Rose McGowan's Request for Case Dismissal

March 12, 2018
Rose McGowan

@ Press Association


An attorney representing Rose McGowan appeared in Loudoun County District Court early Monday morning to request that the drug charges against her be dismissed.

The actress left a wallet on a plane that landed at Dulles Airport last January. It was found by a cleaning crew several hours later and then tested positive for cocaine. 

Her attorney cited news articles that stated she may have been targeted by Harvey Weinstein, and suggested that the drugs could have been planted in an attempt to discredit her. Rose McGowan was one of the first celebrities to come forward with sexual assault allegations against the movie mogul.

The judge denied the motion to dismiss and said the evidence would best be discussed during testimony at a pre-trial hearing which is now set for March 21. 

According to ABC News, defense attorneys are also attempting to subpeona Instagram with regard to a message that was sent to McGowan after she left her wallet on the plane. Long before information about her property allegedly containing drugs was made public, she received a direct message that said, "You left your wallet on your Saturday flight with your 2 bags of coke."

Her attorneys are suggesting this message may have been part of a harassment campaign led by Weinstein. They did not comment on this aspect of the case during Monday's hearing.