The Crazy Reason Why Amy Schumer Won't Take Her Husband's Last Name

March 13, 2018
Amy Schumer

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Amy Schumer and her new husband Chris Fischer shocked everyone when they tied the knot in Malibu the day before Valentine's Day, but she hasn't changed her last name yet - and she doesn't plan to.


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In an Instagram story she shared over the weekend, Amy told her dad Gordon Schumer why she doesn't want to take her husband's surname.

“Are you still Amy Schumer or are you Amy Fischer now?” her dad inquired.

“Do you remember who Amy Fisher is?" Amy replied. "The Long Island Lolita! Yeah, no, I’m keeping my last name. I’m keeping your last name.”

Can you blame her for not wanting to have the same name as the notorious 17-year-old who attempted to murder her much older lover's wife? Amy Fisher served 7 years in jail for assault after she shot her boyfriend Joe Buttafuoco's wife Mary Jo in the head in 1992. She went on to star in multiple adult films and was a cast member on "Dr. Drew's Celebrity Rehab" in 2011.