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Akira Suwa/Philadelphia Inquirer/KRT

DC's First Wawa Just Opened and People Are There for It

December 14, 2017

DC's first Wawa opened this morning at 1111 19th Street NW between K Street and Dupont Circle with free coffee.

It's the biggest Wawa in the country, and good thing it's so huge because look how many people showed up!

I'd never heard of Wawa until they opened one near my house in Riverview, FL about five years ago.

I remember some of my neighbors from other parts of the country rejoicing at the news because they'd experienced the wonder that is Wawa and couldn't wait to have one right down the street. I had no idea what the hype was about... and to be honest, I still don't.

Apparently they have amazing sandwiches and coffee and clearly I don't know what I'm missing because people here are into it too.

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