Who Gets to Fly the W? (Listen)Tommy met a young Nats fan with a sign saying "Fly the Curly W" and inadvertently started a Twitter war by posting the picture.
LISTEN: Tommy and Kelly Meet Bryce Harper!Tommy and Kelly finally met the Nationals star and asked him why he doesn't listen to The Tommy Show. Hear his response.
The Fresh Fam Celebrates Six Years of The Tommy Show at Nats ParkMore than 300 listeners joined Tommy, Kelly and Jen at The Tommy Show Night on Monday.
VIDEO: Bryce Harper Hits 3 Home RunsWhat a great day for Bryce Harper and the Nationals!
VIDEO: Tony Bennett Flubs 'God Bless America' Before Nats GameWatch Tony Bennett sing 'God Bless America' before the NLDS game Monday night in San Francisco.
Kelly and Jen Ask the Hard-Hitting Questions to the Nationals Being one of the few non-sport reporters, we prepare by asking the really tough questions.
Field Trip: A Nats Fan's First Orioles GameSince the weather was beautiful on Sunday, I decided to investigate what exactly happens in Camden Yards.
Ryan Zimmerman Talks MS with The Tommy Show Ryan Zimmerman talked with The Tommy Show about a "Night at the Park," an annual event at Nats Stadium, benefiting the ziMS Foundation.
Can't Beat Kelly: Nationals Edition
Can't Beat Kelly: Lifetime, The Nationals, and Hoarding
Can't Beat Kelly: Nats, Kate Middleton, and Lance Bass
[Podcast] Can't Beat Kelly: Ashton Kutcher, Justin Bieber, and Eddie Murphy

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