Jen Gets Shut Down on Facebook by Unlikely CandidateI noticed a few weeks ago Kelly's mom and I were not connected on Facebook, so I sent her a friend request. It didn't go well.
Jen Babysat Kelly's Dog & Got a Wet SurpriseI've been complaining that Kelly boards her dog, Louie, every time she leaves town, even though I would love to have him stay with me. She finally caved and asked if he could stay with me this past weekend. Here's how it ended.
Jen's Cheat Sheet: Movie Preview for Valentine's WeekendHollywood is officially tapped out in the creative department - this weekend all three of the big movies are remakes.
Jen's Cheat Sheet: Disney on Ice Offering Ticket ExchangeWashington, D.C. may be on ice tomorrow but all your favorite Disney Characters will be on ice tonight at the Verizon Center. "Disney on Ice: 100 Years of Magic" kicks off tonight but if the ice is upsetting your Disney plans tomorrow, don't worry. The Verizon Center is offering a ticket exchange.
Happy Birthday, Facebook! Fresh Staff Reveal Embarrassing PhotosTo say happy birthday and commemorate this great milestone for Facebook, some of the Fresh staff decided to share their great (and embarrassing) moments on Facebook.
How Much Time Do You Waste on Facebook?As one of the leading social media sites in the world, Facebook has become a destination for millions to share, rant, rave and play games. But how much time do you really spend on Facebook?
The Tommy Show stands with Billie Joe Armstrong … And Breaks Stuff!Watching the Green Day front man lose is marbles and bring a whole bunch of stuff it really got Tommy, Kelly and Jen thinking. How much fun and therapeutic would it be to break stuff instead of dealing with disappointment. Turns out, pretty awesome!
Behind the Scenes in the Nationals Locker Room
[Phone Play] We Lost Your Ring
[Video] Rachel Platten At Breast Cancer Bites!

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