Here's the No. 1 Google Search During the State of the Union (Listen)A social media firm that monitors conversations online, shared some interesting stats with The Tommy Show.
Pharrell Williams Predicted Donald Trump's Presidential Victory“I knew it was coming but it was still surreal."
Demi Lovato Blasts 'TIME' for Naming Trump Person of the Year Runner Up"It’s annoying that it’s just about impact on the news."
Candice Bergen Wears 'Free Melania' Shirt, Talks Date With TrumpSee her shirt and get details about her date with The Donald!
Make a Fashion Statement With These Trump Tweet Flip-Flops"Going back on your word, one step at a time."
The Real Reason Why Donald Trump Made So Many Movie CameosHow did Donald Trump end up guest starring in so many things?
Artists React to President Trump's Transgender Military BanKaty Perry, Demi Lovato, Sam Smith and more weigh in on the President's controversial comments.
Katy Perry Appeals to President Trump on Paris Climate Agreement"I ask humbly to remember your children, their children & all children will be left to live w/the results of your decision"
Hillary Clinton Faces the Trump Family in a Twitter WarTwitter wars are a family affair for the Trumps.
Watch This Compilation of Reporters Trying to Say 'Covfefe'Is it cov-feef or cov-fee-fee?
Musicians Respond to Donald Trump's Strange 'Covfefe' TweetWhat does President Trump's word mean? These artists think they may have the answer.
Trump Tweets 'Covfefe' Typo in Tweet, People Have JokesIs there a secret meaning behind "covfefe" ??

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