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[PICTURE] Simon Cowell’s New Baby Boy

SImon Cowell: from mean and nasty to big ‘ole softie..


[PICTURE] Don’t Leave Your Windows Down in a Snow Storm

THIS is what happens when you forget to roll up your car window during a massive snow storm…..

94.7 Fresh FM–02/13/2014

Bear Necessities for Valentine’s Day? (Video)

A bizarre Valentine’s Day commercial that must be seen to be believed.


National Airport Tweets Pictures of Snowstorm

Look at the amount of snow on the tarmac at DCA!

94.7 Fresh FM–01/21/2014

Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton: ‘Do What You Love and Success Follows’

Words of wisdom from Perez Hilton as well as what’s happening in Hollywood.

94.7 Fresh FM–01/17/2014

Demi Lovato Bikini Pic

Demi Lovato is recovering from her eating disorder and looking fantastic in her bikini

94.7 Fresh FM–01/17/2014

VIDEO: Attack of the Animatronic Devil Baby

An animtronic devil baby in a remote-controlled stroller was set loose on the streets of New York.


Alex Trebek Rapping Jeopardy Questions

On Monday’s (January 6) episode of Jeopardy, Alex Trebek took one of the featured categories a little too seriously. While contestants chose questions under the “It’s A Rap” category, Trebek spit some rhymes.

94.7 Fresh FM–01/08/2014

Must-See Video: A Cheating Prank Gone Bad

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned  pranked. This guy decides to prank his girlfriend on their 5th anniversary by telling her he cheated on her. How….romantic? Her reaction: PRICELESS. If you think this […]


What Patriotism Means to Me on this Veterans Day

What better way than to express my love of the U.S. and my patriotism with a story I’m proud to tell…

94.7 Fresh FM–11/11/2013

Courtney Love

Celebrities Who Don’t Have to Wear Costumes to be Scary (Photos)

These celebrities don’t have to try hard to look scary…


Halloween Costume Idea: Spooky Shades of Gray

I’m usually the guy that goes to these parties dressed in plain clothes and gets ridiculed for it.


‘Google Grandma’ Lives On…

An Oregon man and his brother found a picture of their grandmother while exploring images of her house on Google Maps.


Apparently Virginia Really Is for Lovers! (Photos)

The expression, “Virginia is for lovers,” had always intrigued me. I wanted to find out if it was true, and as it turns out, it is!

94.7 Fresh FM–09/12/2013

Just Say ‘No’ to High-Waisted Jeans

So, I’m just going to come out and say it: The high-waisted jeans/shorts/bikini fad that is happening right now is totally unflattering on women.

94.7 Fresh FM–08/14/2013

Semi Flies Off the Highway (VIDEO)

Police say a semi driver in Indiana went for a wild ride after he was forced off the roadway by another vehicle.

94.7 Fresh FM–08/02/2013

Testing 1, 2, 3 … O.A.R. to Sample Songs on Summer Tour

Rockville’s own O.A.R. has spent the last 15 years bringing its dynamic live shows to amphitheaters, acclaimed music halls and arenas around the country.


Husband Films Wife Throwing Temper Tantrum (VIDEO)

One of them has reportedly moved out and filed a restraining order since the video was released.

94.7 Fresh FM–07/23/2013

A List of Dumb Stuff Dudes Do: Part 2

As it turns out, my dude stupidity issues aren’t isolated incidents . In fact, my dude stupidity is a problem countless times on a daily basis.

94.7 Fresh FM–07/16/2013

Cute Things Girls Do…

Both women and men are creatures of habit and can be quirky, but it’s particularly funny to watch women do certain things.

94.7 Fresh FM–07/11/2013

Unruly Passenger Gets Kicked Off Flight (VIDEO)

After several pleas by the attendants for the passenger to shut off her phone, authorities were called to remove her from the plane.

94.7 Fresh FM–06/27/2013

When Words Aren’t Enough…

It’s not like bacon needs a strong marketing campaign to sell. The average American consumes 18 pounds of bacon per year!

94.7 Fresh FM–06/26/2013

The (Suspender) King & I

This moment was truly an honor to say the least!

94.7 Fresh FM–06/24/2013

Mission: Unaccomplished

Maybe critics of my generation are right when they say we don’t act like adults and don’t know what sacrifice means.

94.7 Fresh FM–06/19/2013

Which Miss USA Answer is More Cringworthy?

Miss Utah stumbled on her words during Sunday night’s Miss USA pageant — and it wasn’t pretty.

94.7 Fresh FM–06/17/2013

What’s in the Bag: Impractical vs. Prepared?

When you have to call her phone to help her find it because it’s lost somewhere in the black hole that is her purse.

94.7 Fresh FM–06/11/2013

A Best Kept Secret?

I was the best man in my friend’s wedding one year ago. This week, he and his wife filed for divorce. I wish I would have told him that I didn’t think the relationship was good.


Parachute Ready to Open … for Hanson

Will Anderson, lead singer of Parachute, one of the featured bands at the June 15 event at The Fillmore Silver Spring, talked with Darik Kristofer about the band’s new single and roots in the D.C. area.

94.7 Fresh FM–06/05/2013

Adam Levine Issues Apology After Controversial Remark

This is how Adam Levine feel about America.


Nutella Cookie Recipe … Tested and Approved by Darik

I’m always searching for ways to incorporate Nutella into my diet!


VIDEO: Passenger Catches UFO Image from Plane?

A bird? A plane? Superman? UFO? You decide on what a passenger spotted over Virginia.

94.7 Fresh FM–05/08/2013

A Lesson in Perspective

A very enthusiastic, genuine and kind listener named Gene calls me nearly on a daily basis to chat. She’s a single mother of three, an immigrant from Africa and suffers from a genetic disorder.


In the Heat of the Moment…

As I pulled into the parking lot of 94.7 Fresh FM, I glanced down and noticed the temperature gauge on my car read ’93’. How are you handling the heat of the moment…?

94.7 Fresh FM–04/10/2013

Shameless Photo Alert: Cute Baby

AJ, 94.7 Fresh FM’s illustrious voice and sound engineering nerd, showed me this picture, and I had to share it with you!

94.7 Fresh FM–04/09/2013

Top 5 ‘Good Weather Excuses’

When good weather strikes, it’s time to act accordingly.

94.7 Fresh FM–04/08/2013

Complaining Adds Years to Your Life, Study Finds

According to a study, people who complain live longer by two years. If that’s true, Darik Kristofer is going to live to be 200!

94.7 Fresh FM–04/03/2013

Dude Stupidity: A List of Dumb Stuff Guys Do

Dudes do stupid things when they can be avoided entirely. Here’s my list…


Adam Levine

Finding Beauty in Another Man?

What’s the rule on commenting on men’s looks if you’re a straight guy? I often grapple with this question…

94.7 Fresh FM–03/29/2013

Open Up Your Heart & Good Things Will Follow

When you open up your heart and make peace with yourself and others, it’s amazing what comes into your life.


The Chris Brown-Rihanna ‘Relationship’ is NOT Love

Maybe it’s time we accept the reality that the Chris Brown and Rihanna relationship saga is simply a case of two over-indulged and emotionally insecure people.

94.7 Fresh FM–03/27/2013

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