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Kelly Collis has a dry sense of humor and is living her best life. She got her big break in morning radio when one of her good friends, Tommy McFly, asked her if she wanted to host a morning show with him. Never having experience on the radio and searching for the next chapter of her life after her divorce, she agreed.

Prior to her big radio break, Kelly had been working in the D.C. area for more than 17 years. She founded CityShopGirl, a subscription email publication, delivering updates on lifestyle in the D.C. area. Her byline appears in many area publications, and she is frequently on TV commenting on trends in fashion, shopping and dining. In 2011 and 2012, she was named the “top influencer” on Twitter by The Washington Post.

Kelly worked as director of marketing for National Jean Company, a nationwide women’s retailer. Kelly was also a partner at DBC Public Relations for five years where she counseled both private and public companies in the consumer and media sectors. She graduated with a BA in economics from Trinity College in Hartford, CT, and returned to D.C. to work on Capitol Hill for members of Congress.

Born at Walter Reed Hospital and raised in D.C., Kelly is a daughter of an Army doctor and a flight attendant. She loves spending time with her four kids and husband, following Washington sports teams, especially the Nationals, finding great brunch spots, sweaty yoga and lazy days at the beach.

Kelly’s Doggy Dilemma: Breeder v. Rescue Puppies

The Havanese puppy we chose was born on my birthday and when we met the breeder and the litter of pups, we knew immediately that he was the perfect fit for us. Except there was a slight problem.

94.7 Fresh FM–02/05/2014

Video: P&G Commercial Will Make You Cry, Kelly Did

This emotional commercial will air during the Winter Games next month, but watch out… it’ll make you cry!


Kelly’s Holiday Photo Gone Wrong

Kelly’s mom decided not to send this holiday card this year because of her ‘over exposure.’

94.7 Fresh FM–12/16/2013

My Dream Proposal Captured on Video

Leave it to my fiance Steadman to have hidden cameras catching multiple angles of my dream proposal at the Spanish Steps in D.C. last month.


Martha Stewart Talks Dirty About Turkey Day (Vote)

Martha Stewart talked dirty about the annual ritual of cooking a turkey for Thanksgiving.


The Daily Mail Reporters Are Hacks

I have been called ‘pseudo media’ and by no means an award wining journalist, but know enough to give credit when credit it due.


Something Blue: A Wedding Surprise for a Local Teacher

Courtney — a third grade teacher in Alexandria — got a big surprise from Mervis Diamonds before her wedding day.

94.7 Fresh FM–11/12/2013

‘The Engagement of My Dreams!’ (Video & Photos)

I was literally swept off my feet Tuesday night in the most romantic proposal with the man of my dreams.


Tommy Show Attack Ads

After a long and expensive campaign, voting has finally arrived in Virginia. And in the spirit of our democratic process, Tommy decided to sponsor attack ads on Jen and me.

94.7 Fresh FM–11/05/2013

Exclusive: ‘Bill and Giuliana’ to Bring Restaurant to D.C.

Bill and Giuliana Rancic have a successful brand … and the couple will be bringing part of that brand to the D.C. area.

94.7 Fresh FM–10/15/2013

Hear Them Roar: Local High School Tries to Woo Katy Perry (Video)

ABC’s Good Morning America” issued a call for high school students to submit their own rendition of Katy Perry’s “Roar” for a chance to win a special performance.


‘Batman’ Takes On Parenting

BatDad makes hilarious Vine videos of himself correcting his kids, all while wearing a Batman mask.

94.7 Fresh FM–09/24/2013

5 Things to Love About Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ Video

Katy Perry released her video for ‘Roar’ on Thursday, and the adorable and colorful clip shows Perry turning into the queen of the jungle after crash landing her plane.

94.7 Fresh FM–09/06/2013

5 Habits That Are Relationship Dealbreakers

We have five behaviors that have the potential to ruin your relationship. What are yours?

94.7 Fresh FM–08/28/2013

The Best Songs to Sing Alone in Your Car

In honor of those who like to turn their vehicles into an imaginary stage, OK Magazine has compiled a list of the best songs to sing along in your car.


Stephen Colbert Puts Own Spin on Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’

Stephen Colbert performed a music video of one of the songs of summer — Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky,” featuring Matt Damon and other stars.

94.7 Fresh FM–08/07/2013

Mumford & Sons Releases New Video with Jason Sudeikis, Jason Batemen, Ed Helms

Jason Sudeikis, Jason Bateman, Ed Helms and Will Forte play Mumford & Sons in the band’s new video for “Hopeless Wanderer.”

94.7 Fresh FM–08/05/2013

The Commercial You Wished You Had When You Were Little

This video is going viral on the Internet and could be the best tampon ad in the history of the world and genius marketing. This ad from HelloFlo, a company that sends care packages to girls on their first period with feminine products and treats. The ad features a sassy 12-year-old girl who gets the […]

94.7 Fresh FM–08/01/2013

Tommy Show Talks With Mark Walhberg – 2 Guns and Marky Mark Funky Bunch

Tommy Show talked to Mark Walhberg about his new movie 2 Guns. We asked him about his new movie ‘2 Guns,’ Ted 2 (it is happening!) and his time with Marky Mark and Funky Bunch. We also asked whether or not his brother Donnie is dating Jenny McCarthy. Of course, Kelly over shares with him. […]


Do You or Someone You Love Suffer from Bitchy Resting Face?

The Tommy Show’s very own Kelly Collis has been suffering from a nameless (not faceless) syndrome her entire life. Now, she and millions of Americans can put a name to their facial affliction


Pharrell Answers the ‘What Rhymes with Hug Me?’ Question

He also answers the question from the ambiguous line in Robin Thicke’s song in which he is featured, saying “what rhymes with hug me?”


New Music Video Features Katy Perry, Ke$ha Lip Syncing

Bonnie McKee’s “American Girl” video is online, and every pop artist and celebrity makes a cameo.


Common Sense: Excessive Facebooking Is Bad for Couples

Too much Facebook can screw up your relationship — especially if it’s new.


How To Deal With Millennials In The Workplace

The Millennial Generation otherwise known as the Generation of Me, can be difficult to deal with if you are from another generation. They need encouragement, mental health days, and have challenges with time management. Finally we have a parody of how to handle this generation in the work place and why we need them in […]


What is Cheating?

Most people agree that having “relations” with someone other than your partner is infidelity. But what about flirting at a bar?


Ryan Zimmerman Talks MS with The Tommy Show

Ryan Zimmerman talked with The Tommy Show about a “Night at the Park,” an annual event at Nats Stadium, benefiting the ziMS Foundation.


Sharing Toothbrushes: A Question Not to Bristle Over

I am finally in one of those relationships where we share a lot together … but I may have crossed a boundary.



Viral Video: Beauty of Women Rest in Dove’s Hands

Dove’s new commercial about beauty a hit or miss?


Washington Capitals Are On A Winning Streak! Meet Hot Player Troy Brouwer

The Tommy Show talked with him about hockey, Alex Ovechkin, being a dad and what in the world is a hat trick in hockey


Spring Fashion: It is All About Orange

Orange is all the rage for Spring 2012. Everything from nail polish to earrings are hot for next season. And after a cold winter, what a great accent and warm color to defrost the grays of winter! These earrings at ShopBop by dannijo for $150. This lightweight cotton jacket is a great accent for the […]



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