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Kelly Collis has a dry sense of humor and is living her best life. She got her big break in morning radio when one of her good friends, Tommy McFly, asked her if she wanted to host a morning show with him. Never having experience on the radio and searching for the next chapter of her life after her divorce, she agreed.

Prior to her big radio break, Kelly had been working in the D.C. area for more than 17 years. She founded CityShopGirl, a subscription email publication, delivering updates on lifestyle in the D.C. area. Her byline appears in many area publications, and she is frequently on TV commenting on trends in fashion, shopping and dining. In 2011 and 2012, she was named the “top influencer” on Twitter by The Washington Post.

Kelly worked as director of marketing for National Jean Company, a nationwide women’s retailer. Kelly was also a partner at DBC Public Relations for five years where she counseled both private and public companies in the consumer and media sectors. She graduated with a BA in economics from Trinity College in Hartford, CT, and returned to D.C. to work on Capitol Hill for members of Congress.

Born at Walter Reed Hospital and raised in D.C., Kelly is a daughter of an Army doctor and a flight attendant. She loves spending time with her four kids and husband, following Washington sports teams, especially the Nationals, finding great brunch spots, sweaty yoga and lazy days at the beach.

Can’t Beat Kelly: ‘That ’70s Show’, ‘Murphy Brown’, and ‘The View’

When it comes to naming the stars behind these pop culture hits, do you have what it takes to beat Kelly?

94.7 Fresh FM–05/09/2016

The Wedding at National Harbor: Katryna and James Tied the Knot

James and Katryna said “I do” during a beautiful ceremony at National Harbor in the Sunset Room by Wolfgang Puck.


5 Reasons Frank Sinatra is Taylor Swift’s Spirit Animal

Taylor Swift’s passion for music and her recent move to New York City are reminiscent of another famous crooner, Frank Sinatra.


‘Twin Peaks’ is Returning to Television

I was excited to learn “Twin Peaks” is returning to the small screen in 2016 for a 25th anniversary revamp on Showtime


The Release of the iPhone 6 Changes Fashion

When Apple announced the new iPhone 6 phone and watch, they invited top fashion editors and bloggers in an attempt to make wearable gadgets stylish.


Diner en Blanc Comes to DC

If you don’t know what it is, it’s a foodies phenomenon of elegance and style, where dining traditions intersect with funk.


Drink of the Summer: Orange Crush

Last week, I went on vacation to Rehoboth and there is one drink everyone can’t seem to get enough of – Orange Crush.


Kelly Collis ‘Roars’ at Katy Perry’s First D.C. Show

Katy Perry wrapped up the first of two shows in D.C. and did it with class and style. Check out pictures of her first night in D.C.


Kelly’s Top 5 Tommy Show Memories

After three years with The Tommy Show, I decided to pick my five favorite moments being on air in D.C.

94.7 Fresh FM–06/18/2014

5 Things to Know About The World Cup

If you are not a fan of soccer but want to get involved it is not too late. Here are the 5 things you should know about the Fifa World Cup.

94.7 Fresh FM–06/12/2014

Recap: Kelly Collis Goes to Prom

A few weeks ago, I was asked to prom by a guy named Ryan and I couldn’t wait to spend the night reliving my high school days.

94.7 Fresh FM–05/14/2014

KELLY: Top Reasons Why the Nationals & Nats Park are Awesome

Okay, I admit it. I cheated over the weekend.

94.7 Fresh FM–05/12/2014

Local 5-Year-Old Becomes Katy Perry for a Day

Addy is a five-year-old (she’ll be six this weekend, she told us) from Alexandria beating stage IV cancer.


The ‘Veep’ and the Real Veep Get Together for White House Viral Video

In a spoof video played during the annual White House Correspondence Dinner last weekend, Julia Louis-Dreyfus brought her crass character to life.


Kelly’s Prom Dreams Come True: She’s Going to Prom

After telling everyone who listens to The Tommy Show that I wanted to go to prom this year, my wish was granted.


Throwback Thursday: Kelly and Jen Prom Photos

In celebration of prom season and Throwback Thursday (#TBT), Kelly and Jen dug up one of their old prom photos.


5 Things You Need to Know About the Wizards

Since I am a new fan, I decided to educated myself on some Wiz trivia. Here is what I learned about D.C.’s pride-and-joy.

94.7 Fresh FM–04/23/2014

What Does Conscious Uncoupling Mean?

Gwyneth Paltrow posted her separation statement on her website and where do I even start?


Can’t Beat Kelly: Which ‘Girls’ Star is Starting Her Own Fashion Line?

Think you have what it takes to beat Kelly? Try to take out the champ at 7:10 a.m.

94.7 Fresh FM–03/24/2014

D.C. Teams Make NCAA Finals – March Madness Begins Today

The Tommy Show have officially filled out their March Madness brackets and like always, our picks varied across the board.


Can’t Beat Kelly: Which Celeb Sisters are Getting Married?

Think you have what it takes to beat Kelly? Try to take out the champ at 7:10 a.m.


Can’t Beat Kelly: St. Patty’s Day Edition

Test your knowledge of St. Patty’s Day information.


10 Fun Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

I’ve come up with some great ideas to keep the Irish holiday alive. Grab the kids and check out this list.

94.7 Fresh FM–03/14/2014

Can’t Beat Kelly: Which Former ‘West Wing’ Star is Obsessed With Madonna?

Think you have what it takes to beat Kelly? Try to take out the champ at 7:10 a.m.

94.7 Fresh FM–03/13/2014

The Big Debate: Is Pom and Cheer a Sport?

It’s the longest debate in sports: is pom and cheer a sport?


Can’t Beat Kelly: Which ‘Friends’ Star Might be Hiding a Baby Bump?

Think you have what it takes to beat Kelly? Try to take out the champ at 7:10 a.m.

94.7 Fresh FM–03/12/2014

Can’t Beat Kelly: Which We’re the Millers Star Would trade Bodies With Lindsey Vonn For a Day?

Every day, the best trivia contenders take on Kelly Collis, our resident trivia master, for exciting rounds of Can’t Beat Kelly.  Win or lose, our listeners always take home a prize and this week, we’re […]

94.7 Fresh FM–03/10/2014

Health Alert: Have You Tried Oil Pulling?

Always willing to jump on the bandwagon of health trends, I heard about oil pulling and decided to research it and try it out.


How Smart is Your Dog?

The movie Mr. Peabody & Sherman is coming out this weekend and the movie promotions team sent over a quiz that tests your dog’s intelligence.


Can’t Beat Kelly: Which Actress Won an Oscar and Got a Tattoo the Same Night?

Today’s contestant won $100, listen to Colleen and Kelly’s trivia competition.

94.7 Fresh FM–03/05/2014

Can’t Beat Kelly: What Boy Bander is Back on TV?

Think you have what it takes to beat Kelly? Try to take out the champ at 7:10 a.m.


Can’t Beat Kelly: Which Maryland Native Olympian Will Make an Appearance on ‘Suits?’

See if you could have beat the trivia queen this morning and answer these entertainment questions.

94.7 Fresh FM–02/27/2014

Can’t Beat Kelly: Which Canadian Star’s Bodyguard Stole a Camera?

This director won’t take on any more movies and whose bodyguard stole a $10,000 camera?

94.7 Fresh FM–02/26/2014

Kelly’s New Puppy is Finally Home

She finally arrived after almost six weeks of waiting. Our little Havanese puppy came home this week.


Can’t Beat Kelly: What Pop Star Hates Listening to Her Own Songs?

Think you have what it takes to beat Kelly? Try to take out the champ at 7:10 a.m. Here are today’s questions.


Parents Vent Their Snow Day Woes in New Viral Video

No stranger to making viral videos, this family-of-four’s new video is a perfect look at the timeline of a snow day. Aptly titled “#SnOMG,” Penn and his wife Kim layer on the snow pants and film their day, complete with snowball fights, sledding and lots of wine.


Can’t Beat Kelly: Valentine’s Day Edition

This Can’t Beat Kelly is full of love with our Valentine’s Edition.


Five Things to do With Kids in a Snowstorm

Chances are you’re snowed in today. Unless you’re one of the brave men and women who work as a first responder, you’ll be stuck at home all day long. But 12 hours of cabin fever can get pretty crazy if you have kids.


Can’t Beat Kelly: What Actor Tricked the Media?

Every day, the best trivia contenders take on Kelly Collis, our resident trivia master for exciting rounds of Can’t Beat Kelly. Win or lose, our listeners always take home a prize and this week, we’re getting you into the Capital Home & Garden show. If you can beat Kelly, we’ll add an extra $100 on top of that to make your morning brighter.


The Tommy Show Top 10: Best Romantic Comedies

Kelly Collis picked her 10 favorite romantic comedies… with a twist. These 10 movies aren’t necessarily the typical rom-coms but still have an underlying love theme.



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