Page Six is reporting that Katharine McPhee and her friend Hillary Shor crashed a wedding in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and were kicked out by the bride. After they were ousted from the party, they apparently took to Hillary’s Instagram to make fun of the woman and called her a loser.

One video seen by Page Six and captioned “Bride Bitch” shows McPhee in her room snottily noting, “What bride does her own wedding security? If you’re doing your own security, you have a problem.”

A second clip’s titled “dead bride #rude bride,” and a third’s called “loser bride bouncer” — in which Shor quips to McPhee off-camera, “She could have had a Page Six, New York Post [article] of us coming and dancing the night away . . . By the way, I was ready to rock ’n’ roll.”

McPhee is shown in bed giggling and chiming in: “I was ready to show some serious moves.”

When Page Six reached out to Hillary Shor for comment, she  made her Instagram private and asked them not to print the story.

“It was tongue-in-cheek. Katharine did not say anything like that. Do not run that, it’s not true,” she said.

Page Six writers saw the videos and published the story anyway and said: “Well, they did want a Page Six item, didn’t they?”

I’ve been scouring Instagram and Twitter for the video or screen shots but so far I haven’t found anything.

I’m just going to say what we’re all thinking: Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and Ed Sheeran have all crashed weddings and were welcomed with excitement and open arms, but Katharine McPhee is not Taylor Swift or Katy Perry or Ed Sheeran.

Can you blame the bride for not wanting a stranger at her wedding? She probably didn’t even know who Katharine McPhee was when she showed up! She easily could have swallowed her pride and humbly walked away, but instead she went on Instagram to trash the woman. Not nice at all!

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