By Dana McKay

I picked this book up for my son at the TotSwap sale a few weeks ago. He loves reading “The Gingerbread Baby” and comparing it to it’s parody story “The Stinky Cheese Man,” so when I saw this I thought it would be fun to do the same with “The Cat In The Hat.”

Friday night I started reading it to him and quickly realized that it wasn’t just an innocent parody. The first page set the scene in Brentwood, CA which I found really odd. On the next page, an illustration of three knives and a rhyme about a dead wife… and on the next, an illustration of the name “OJ”!

“Oh my gosh, this is a book about the OJ Simpson murders!” I thought to myself. I then explained to my son that this book was not appropriate for children. He asked about the bloody knife picture and I told him that it’s actually a scary story for grown ups and that I was sorry and we should pick a different book.

We moved on to reading “Make Way For Ducklings” which he thoroughly enjoyed. In fact, he was quacking up through the whole story.

You’ll notice the bloody glove and the character that looks like OJ on the cover, so maybe it seems obvious… But keep in mind I was shopping at the TotSwap, a kids consignment sale, so the last thing I expected was to end up with something that was completely inappropriate for a child.

You can scroll through the pictures on my IG to see some of the pages.

Have you ever had something like this happen?

And what do you think about the fact that someone wrote a book like this to make fun of and profit off such a brutal crime?


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