A few months ago a bunch of my radio friends were posting about this new Sarahah app. It allows people to send anonymous messages. The recipient can not identify the sender nor can they respond. People were sharing all of the  anonymous compliments they were receiving, so I figured I would try it out.

I signed up and got a few nice messages when I first shared the link. One person who I had not spoken to in several years also contacted me to say he missed hearing me on the radio (he identified himself). After that I kind of forgot about it. I hadn’t received any other messages and I never bothered to post the link again.

Fast forward to this morning.. I woke up to some very nasty Sarahah messages! Happy Monday to me, right? They were personal attacks on my body, age, and appearance.

I’m a grown up and I’ve been the victim of trolls numerous times so I think I have a pretty thick skin when it comes to stuff like this. My 13-year-old daughter, not so much.

So I started thinking, this app is an open door for people to be even more brazen with their anonymous cyber-bullying… I am going to talk to my daughter tonight and make sure that she knows that under no circumstances is she to download this app.

Some people are apparently receiving oodles of compliments through it, but me… Not so much. After I received those messages I thought to myself, why did I let this stupid app into my life? Do I really need an anonymous troll in cyberspace insulting me on a rainy Monday morning? Heck no! I signed out and will uninstall the app later.

Here are some of the messages people have received.

And here is one of mine… This is the kindest one. The others I deleted right away.

screenshot 20171009 122207 Is This Anonymous App An Open Door For Bullies?

I mean really?

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