By The Tommy Show

Who could hate Ed Sheeran?

On the heels of Sheeran’t two-night stint in D.C., The Tommy Show talked with the Washington Post critic who just doesn’t understand his popularity.

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The reviewer absolutely panned the singer’s show at the Capital One Arena and disparaged his “songlike secretions.”

After Tommy McFly and Chris Richards got into it on Twitter, the writer agreed to defend his position on The Tommy Show.

“I think Ed Sheeran’s music has very little personality,” he said Thursday morning, “and I can’t figure out why in this world of singer/songwriters that are so similar to him, that his songs are the ones we have to hear in the coffee shop, in the doctor’s office, on ‘Game of Thrones’ and so forth.”

“I always just hope that people when they disagree it helps them better figure out what they love about something,” Richards continued.

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The critic is already getting serious flack for his review, but he doesn’t mind: “If people think I’m a moron, that’s totally fine.”

Read Tommy’s Twitter rant below:

What universally beloved thing do you just not get? Listen to Fresh listeners chime in below:

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