It finally happened.

Tommy and Kelly met their hero Bryce Harper, thanks to some clever detective work.

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Tommy had heard a rumor that the Nationals star and face of menswear brand STICHED would be stopping by the STITCHED location at MGM National Harbor on September 16, so he grabbed his husband Chrys and booked it to the store.

Turns out, Kelly and her husband were camped out at the bar across from STITCHED, waiting for Harper to show.

When Harper appeared with his wife, Tommy and Kelly grabbed their husbands and followed him into the store.

They milled about until they found their opening, and they asked: Why don’t you listen to The Tommy Show?

Listen to Harper’s response below:

But The Tommy Show is a determined bunch, and plans are in motion to get Harper into the studio.

Tommy, Kelly and Jen happen to know Mercedes, the morning show host of Bryce Harper’s preferred radio station. So they called Mercedes up and asked what it would take to get him on The Tommy Show.

Get the details on the proposed trade below:

Could a #JakeForBryce trade really work? We can only hope!

In the meantime, The Tommy Show won’t give up.

On October 24, The Tommy Show pulled their sneakiest move yet. Listen below to hear the Bryce Harper interview that wasn’t…

Anyone have Jerry Seinfeld’s number?

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