My friend lives in Gainesville, Florida and she was just one of thousands of women to notice how good looking all of the police officers are in her city!

It all started when the department shared a picture of three officers getting ready to help the community. A few days later, they shared some more photos of even more very good looking officers.

After several residents shared the posts, the comments started pouring in and the GPD officers have now gone viral.

They said they will be doing a calendar soon, with proceeds helping the hurricane relief efforts.


Here are some of the comments:

“Do you guys even accept applications from average looking people or do you just call modeling agencies to find new officers?”

“I’m heading up to get arrested !! Or at the very least a frisking”

“I know where I’m committing my next felony!”

“I’m gonna need to see an entire lineup of officers in your department please. It’s strictly for research purposes of course. #holyhotPD”

“GPD, the community has voted. All future pics of hot officers must be shirtless. Starting with the single ones of course. #sexylivesmatter”

“But who will protect these guys from an impending Cougar attack? #thesecomments”

“So, looks like my next vacation will be spent in Gainesville rolling through stop signs and driving with a tail light out every evening until I’ve been pulled over by the entire night shift. It’s gonna get expensive, and my insurance premiums will go through the roof from all those tickets, but… *fans self with a stack of travel brochures and birth control pamphlets*”

“That moment when you don’t care about getting the ticket because one of them is talking to you for 20 mins. Lol”

“So if I don’t remain silent, will something be held against me? Just want to be clear on the rights.”

That’s just some of them. There are literally thousands.

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