Jessica Simpson shared pictures of her daughter in her bikini on Instagram and some mommy-shamers are blasting her for it.

In the series of three photos, 5-year-old Maxi posed with her scooter. She was wearing a bikini and a helmet. Jessica captioned the photos with “safety first” in an attempt to send a positive message about kids wearing helmets.

Some apparently didn’t appreciate the sentiment and instead opted to criticize Jessica for possibly exposing her daughter to “perverted predators” on the internet.

“These pictures should be kept private and NOT POSTED to social media. Parents should never post pictures of their children, especially girls, in swimming attire or underwear. Perverted predators copy or screen shot the pictures and share them with each other.”

“With all the predators out there I wish she hadn’t posted these provocative poses in a bikini online.” 

Another called for social services to get involved. Pardon the spelling errors, I copied the comment directly from Instagram.

“This child is only acting like the mother. Shes sees her mom poseing with arm in the air, kid is going to copy that. It’s all ridiculous. Stinking vanity being handed down. This woman needs to grow some brains and discernment. You dont exploit young children in bathing suits all over social media. Maybe social services need to take a closer look at the home life. Give her a stern warning. The whole family lacks common sence.”

Many others chimed in to support Jessica and reassure her that there is nothing wrong with posting cute pictures of her daughter.

What do you think? Should parents refrain from posting pictures of their kids in swim suits?

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