My son has destroyed three pairs of sneakers in the last two weeks. I know how it’s happening, and I’m kind of over it.

He has been riding one of the tricycles at preschool. He drags his toes on the ground while he’s riding it and he keeps tearing up the toes of his shoes. This has been happening for over a year. He went through a few pairs of sneakers last summer/fall and now that the weather is warmer and they are outside more, it’s happening again. He’s not the only kid doing this either, everyone knows the trikes are a problem.

Now, I get that kids are rough on shoes. I totally get it. But I also think that if there’s something specific causing them to go through shoes like crazy we should be able to put a stop to it.

He ruined a brand new $40 pair of light up Pumas last fall. Before that, he ruined his first pair of light up Pumas that thankfully I had purchased used and didn’t pay a lot for. He ruined a red pair of Converse and a black pair of Converse.

I finally got smart and started buying cheap shoes on sale at Crazy 8 for $8 a piece, but he’s ruined 2 of those 3 pairs. I’m not putting another new pair of sneakers on him until this madness stops.

All of the damage is the same, the toes, worn out like this:

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Dana/CBS Radio

I also know that I am not the only parent dealing with this. Other people have complained. The teachers know what is going on and they’ve brought it up too. So why not just stop using the trikes?

What would you do? Ask for your child not to ride the trikes or buy new sneakers every couple of weeks?


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