WASHINGTON — The peak bloom for the cherry blossom trees around the District could be as soon as two weeks from now, officials announced Wednesday.

National Mall and Memorial Parks Superintendent Gay Vietzke said the peak bloom is expected between March 14 and March 17, an unusually early window likely due to a bizarre winter that has featured virtually no snow around the area and several days recently with temperatures above 70 degrees.

Per the National Park Service, the most likely time for cherry blossoms to reach peak bloom in D.C. is between the last week of March and the first week of April. The earliest peak bloom on record is March 15, which came in 1990, while the latest is April 18, which was in 1958.

Last year, peak bloom started March 25, while each of the previous three years it was either April 9 or April 10. Green buds began blooming on Feb. 24, the earliest they’ve done so since they began blooming on Feb. 19 in 2008.

The NPS also notes it is “almost impossible” to forecast peak bloom more than 10 days in advance, which, obviously, this particular forecast is.

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