By Amanda Wicks

Neon Trees’ singer Tyler Glenn is rather famously working through a crisis of faith on his upcoming solo debut Excommunication. The Mormon singer came out in 2014 and had hoped to find a way to blend his identity with his religion until the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) announced a new ruling soon after that all gay members were apostates.

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Glenn premiered the new video for his second single “Shameless” today (Oct. 10), and, in it, he toys with religious iconography. Sitting on a bare mattress, Glenn leaps to as the music begins. He dances around and even licks a tied-up man in a suit. Based on his last video, in which Glenn spit on an picture of church founder Joseph Smith, the well dressed restrained man could possibly once again represent Smith.

Glenn clarified to Billboard that the meaning is actually a little different. “Well it’s actually not Joseph Smith,” he said. “Originally I just wanted some sort of general authority figure. I knew that those who knew my background would know it was an authority from the Mormon church. But that’s kind of why we made the anonymous old man mask — to kind of give more of a vagueness. To me, I’m definitely tying up the leader of the church and showing him that I’m shameless.”

Excommunication drops October 21st.

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