By Amanda Wicks

Norah Jones got political on “Flipside,” the first single she released off her upcoming album Day Breaks, but with her newest single “Tragedy” things take a much sadder turn.

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The slow number relies on piano and drums to set the mood with Jones lightly playing the soulful melody in the intro. The chorus comes in place of a first verse and sets the tone. “It’s a tragedy,” Jones repeats over and over again, her voice rising from its typical alto in places and leaving listeners with no doubt about the kind of story that follows.

“Tragedy” tells the story of a young 25-year-old man who finds he prefers drinking alcohol to anything else in life. It may help him feel better, but it naturally impacts his domestic life. “When his water was turned to wine/ All the darkness became light/ Babies and a patient wife/ They just weren’t enough to keep him high/ So he gave them up just to fill his cup/ Every sip’ll make him feel alive,” she sings, her jazzy vocals infusing the narrative with an added ache.

Day Breaks will be available October 7th.

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