That’s my four year old son Rocco. Doesn’t he look sweet?

He is…

Well, actually, if I’m being totally honest, he was a sweet boy… until recently.

He turned 4 on August 22 and for the last couple of months his behavior has been pretty bad. His mouth, even worse! I honestly can’t believe the stuff he’s been saying lately. He’s like a teenager with a chip on his shoulder.

The other day his teacher told him and the rest of the class that it was time to clean up. He looked at her and told her no. Just said right to his teacher’s face that he’s not cleaning up. Not listening to her. Doesn’t have to do what she says. He told her “no” over and over again. He’s four!

He also seems to really like the “F” word lately. I am not going to tell you which one of us said it the other day causing him to then repeat it. Not going to incriminate the guilty parent. We’ve both said things in front of him that we shouldn’t say. You’re lying if you say you’ve never said anything you shouldn’t have said in front of your kids too, by the way.

Anyway, Rocco hadn’t said the “F” word since we very sternly told him over the weekend that he is not allowed to say it… until today.

This morning in the car he just randomly blurted it out again, clear as day. He knew exactly what he was doing too, because when we both turned around to scold him he had a huge grin on his face. So he knows it’s bad. I can’t say that I blame him completely because I often blurt out the “F” word while sitting in traffic on the GW Parkway every morning, but I’ve earned my right to say it. The 4 year old has not.

He and my fiance were here at the radio station with me for about an hour this morning. They went to the men’s room before leaving for the airport. There was a bald guy in there and Rocco said, “Daddy, why doesn’t that guy have any hair?” I don’t know who this person was, and hopefully this person has no idea that was my obnoxious little kid.

Then Steph Lova from our sister station WPGC walked by my office and said hi to him. She got down on his level and tried to give him a high five. He refused. Then she asked him what his name is. At first he just nodded no, and then he said, “NOBODY!”

How rude!

Those are just a few recent examples off the top of my head. He’s been a little wise alec (I almost said wise-something-else but I stopped myself) lately and I am over it! I know everyone always says “the ‘terrible twos’ are nothing, wait until you have a ‘threenager,'” but I swear, the fresh-mouthed fours are the worst!

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