Love was on top in St. Louis.

By Hayden Wright

It’s good to be one of Beyoncé’s backup dancers. You get to travel the world, contribute to intricate pieces of choreography, and participate in iconic routines like the “Single Ladies” dance. If all that weren’t enough, your fearless leader steps in to meddle in your personal life, in the name of putting-a-ring-on-it.

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During a show in St. Louis on Saturday (Sept. 10) at the America Center Stadium, Beyoncé orchestrated a proposal between her choreographer (John Silver) and one of her backup dancers (Ashley Everett). She interrupted “Single Ladies” to welcome Silver onstage, who popped the question before tens of thousands of fans.

Everett said yes, and Beyoncé benevolently asked if she was able to continue dancing in the evening’s show. (Spoiler alert: She was).

Watch Beyoncé play Cupid among her creative team here:

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