We like to go out to eat a few times a week… Sometimes more often depending on our schedules and whether or not I feel like cooking. We used to have great luck, good service, excellent food, most of our dining experiences were pretty pleasant.

Over the last few months it seems like every single time we go to a restaurant we receive horrible service!!

I am not going to name names because I understand that what happens with one server in one location is not indicative of the company as a whole, but here are just a few examples of just how bad the service has been.

Yesterday I took my daughter to a casual chain pizza place. We waited about 5-10 minutes to even be greeted after we sat down. We ordered our drinks (water and apple juice) and then I ordered an appetizer as my meal and my daughter got the usual – macaroni and cheese. I was very clear about the app being my lunch and that I would like it to come out with her meal. I said it 2 if not 3 times.

I was starting to get impatient when quite a bit of time had passed and we still didn’t have our drinks… Then low and behold – my appetizer-as-my-meal showed up. But Kyla’s mac & cheese… “This is an appetizer ma’am, it’ll come out with your meal.”

I explained to the food runner that the pot stickers were my meal… and that I would appreciate if we could get our drinks too.

Several more minutes pass. I tried waiting to eat my food until Kyla got hers but I didn’t want it to get cold. I was half finished when our drinks finally showed up.

I had to ask the waitress about the mac & cheese and she looked at me dumbfounded. Then she said “oh, it’s up, I’ll be right back!”

She did not come back for several minutes… and when she did she brought bread and said she put a “rush” on the mac and cheese.

Finally Kyla got her food… by that point I was done with mine.

She finished hers and we sat there for a while before she came to check on us. She asked how everything was and I told her we were done and asked for our check.

She came back a while later and asked if I’m ready to pay… Yes, please bring the check. For the second time.

She brought the check, I gave her my card, she brought the slip back… but no pen!!!

I wait… and wait… search for a pen in my purse and I don’t have one…

Finally I went to the front and asked the hostess for a pen. By that point I was so irritated with the whole experience I let her know how unhappy I was. I left $2 on the $18 check. I never leave less than $5, and always at least 20%, but I’ve had enough!!

Friday night my fiance and I took our son out for pizza at one of my favorite places. Their pizza is pretty popular around here. It’s amazing. The service was atrocious though. It’s one thing when a place is very busy and you can see your server hustling… Not the case here at all. We saw him standing in the back doing absolutely nothing while we had to wave him down for drink refills. We had to ask a different server for our check. He never came to ask how everything was after he finally brought our pizza either.

A few weeks ago we went to a place near our house that’s a little nicer… a little pricier… Definitely not the place you go to expecting to get crappy service. We made a reservation and then watched as they sat 4 or 5 other parties of the same size before us – and they did not have reservations.

Once we sat down we waited at least 10 minutes to be greeted… waited forever for our drinks… ordered an appetizer along with our meals at the same time… Felt like it was taking a while for our app… And of course it came out with our meals! Our waitress was not very attentive at all, forgot multiple things we asked for, it was just a nightmare. I can’t even remember what else went wrong during that meal, but I know that we left saying we weren’t going back.

The one great experience we had recently was at the Olive Garden near Tyson’s Corner. Our server was so good we tipped him extra well and told him how happy we were… You know you are used to getting terrible restaurant service when the one dude who does his job gets a huge tip and praise!

So… Where have you had good luck? Or are we not the only ones dealing with this? It’s every time we go out – these are just the examples I have from the last couple of weeks!




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