By Robyn Collins

To support breastfeeding awareness, P!nk has posted an old photo of her breastfeeding her daughter Willow, who was born in 2011.

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The caption for the photo reads, “In honor of #nationalbreastfeedingweek2016 I proudly post this photo of a very HEALTHY, NATURAL act between mother and child. Taken in Helsinki by a very supportive and proud Papa.”

Over the years, the pop singer has been outspoken about the breastfeeding movement and willing to push the boundaries for the sake of mothers and their child. “I think breast-feeding is healthy and natural and it’s a comfort to my baby,” she said in a 2012 interview.

“Once, I had a cover on [while I was breastfeeding Willow], and this guy walks by, and he was like, ‘Ughhh.’ He was just disgusted. I was like, ‘You didn’t get enough hugs when you were little.'”

Willow’s father is professional motocross racer Carey Hart.


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