"Ya I got pulled over. Big deal! "

By Amanda Wicks

It’s only been a few weeks since Lady Gaga finally got her driver’s license after getting around with only a learner’s permit for years. But in that time she’s already managed to get pulled over.

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TMZ‘s cameras caught the pop star on the side of the road July 15 speaking with the policeman who pulled her over. She was driving the same red Ford pickup truck she posed in after receiving her license. Don’t fret, though. Lady Gaga wasn’t doing anything wrong. Police pulled her over because her vehicle didn’t yet have the proper tags.

On July 16, Gaga took full responsibility on Twitter for the incident and shrugged it off. “Ya I got pulled over. Big deal! I just haven’t received plates yet for my new pick up!” she wrote, followed by a picture of a smiley face shrugging.

When a fan teased her that her vehicle registration was probably in another car she owned, a blue Chevy Chevelle SS, that got towed on July 6, she also responded and defended that little glitch. Lady Gaga explained how her transmission was leaking and she had to get it towed in for service.

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