OK, you don’t really need this.

In fact, it’s quite ridiculous and I can’t believe it’s a real thing and not some Saturday Night Live joke commercial, but the WineRack, a wine dispensing bra, is actually a thing. You can buy it on Amazon.

Stuff a bra with wine and then suck it through a straw!

This would actually come in handy on Sunday nights when I pick up around the house. I usually pour a glass of wine before I start cleaning and then forget where I put it, I have to keep moving it from room to room, or I nearly spill it while dusting. The WineRack would solve all of those problems.

It would also be great at parties so I don’t forget which wine glass is mine when everyone is drinking the same thing. Ever go to the bathroom and can’t find a good spot to put your glass down? The WineRack solves that issue too.

My sister just posted it and said she wants it for her birthday. I’m tempted to actually buy it for her just to see the look on everyone’s face when she opens it. We’ll hopefully be celebrating with family next week while I’m visiting them on vacation.


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