It’s hard to make mention of Adam Lambert on 94.7 Fresh FM without causing a raucous. Adam’s fans are intensely passionate and have a huge Twitter presence. One mention of his name causes countless retweets and favorites. Adam returned to the American Idol stage this past Thursday to perform his new song “Welcome to the Show”.

You’ll hear Adam’s new song this Sunday on Fresh Discoveries!

Simple Plan was my go to punk rock band as an angst-ridden high school student. Jeff from Simple Plan was bullied in high school. So much so that he would have to take a special route home from school, otherwise he would be pushed and made fun of. After 5 years of essentially being off the radar, Simple Plan has reemerged with a new full-length album called “Taking One For the Team”.  Off of that album, you’ll hear their new single “Singing in the Rain”.

By the way, I usually escaped getting picked on only because my mom was a teacher at the high school I went to. Otherwise I probably would have had it a lot worse than Jeff from Simple Plan.

A few weeks ago we played the song “Die a Happy Man” from Thomas Rhett on Fresh Discoveries. This week we’re going to play it again, except Nelly (the rapper) will be covering it.  And it’s really good! Of course Nelly made friends with Thomas Rhett and got permission to do it, so it’s all love!


Also, we’ll find out what the number one song is in Australia!
All this week on Fresh Discoveries, as we dive in and discover new music together!


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