by Tommy McFLYBy Tommy McFly

I came home on the day of Kelly’s wedding rehearsal dinner to find a raisin bread bag torn to bits all over the living room floor.

Turns out my mutts, Chip McFLY and Mr. Troy, had a craving for carbs and helped themselves.

My partner Chrys had brought this specialty bread home from Baltimore and didn’t put it under lock and key.

As the dad of a rescue pup who has made a career out of counter-crimes, I knew that raisins can be particularly poisonous to pups — but had both done the deed?

Chip McFLY

Chip McFLY

I quickly induced vomiting under doctors orders and waited.

Dr. Katy, their veterinarian, suggested I get them to a clinic right away to make sure everything was alright.

Turns out it was — but after a series of tests, bloodwork, subQ fluids and other shipping-and-handling costs, that damn loaf of bread cost $500 and I didn’t get to enjoy a single piece!

What have your pets made incredibly expensive, extremely quickly? I’d love to hear your stories. Leave a comment below or on Twitter or Facebook.

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