Madden Brothers Talk New Album, D.C. Sports & Kermit

by Cristina Mayer

A handful of lucky 94.7 Fresh FM listeners spent the afternoon rocking out to the cool California grooves of The Madden Brothers. 

Joel and Benji Madden are twin brothers who grew up in different parts of Southern Maryland before venturing into Rock N’ Roll with their pop-punk band Good Charlotte.  

The Brothers spent the early 2000s touring the world, headlining festivals and selling more than 10 million copies of several Good Charlotte albums before settling on different personal and professional projects in California.

On Wednesday, Benj and Joel, dressed in their signature baseball caps, T-shirts and tattoos, started their three-song acoustic set with a catchy new song called, “Jane.”

The Madden Brothers, backed by a band of five other musicians, quickly moved into a tune with a heavy southern rock influence called “California Rain.”

There was plenty of witty banter between songs, along with insight into what went into making the new album.

Before launching into their current single “We are Done,” both Benji and Joel said they’re excited to be making music and that “playing music together in front of people again feels really good.”

The sound of the three new songs is decidedly different from what Good Charlotte fans may remember.  Benji told the crowd he and Joel worked with Pharrell Williams (among other notable producers) to start crafting what is now their upcoming album, “Greetings From California.”

After meeting, greeting and snapping photos with eager fans, Benji and Joel spent some time in the 94.7 Fresh FM Studio chatting with Darik Kristofer about their childhood, their favorite local sports teams, the upcoming album and what celebrity annoys them most.

They are often associated with being from Waldorf, but both called different Maryland towns as home, and eventually graduated from La Plata High School.

“If we are being really accurate, we are from Southern Maryland because we lived all over the place.”

The band also discussed their new album and its new sound.

“The album is all about good vibes. The reason we called it “Greetings From California” is that it’s like a postcard out to everyone that’s been with us through the years. We’re like, ‘hey we wish you were here.  This is where we are at now and it’s pretty cool.'”

Joel shared his take on “California Rain” — his favorite track.

“I really feel like that one embodies the record. I feel like that song tells the story from beginning to end — like our whole story from the music business and in life has been that journey out to California.

“I think metaphorically — everyone has a California — a place they want to get to and when they get there everything will be OK.”

See The Madden Brothers answers to “Darik’s 3 Random Questions”

DK: What are your favorite childhood memories from living in Maryland?

MB: Going to Orioles games. Summertime.  Eating Crabs. Hanging out with family.

DK: Skins or Ravens fans?

MB: Skins. We grew up with the Skins. But listen, we like it went the Ravens win.  We root for the Ravens, but the The Skins is where our heart is. I’m not mad at the Nats fans either.  When the Nats win its great but when the Orioles win it’s a different feeling.

DK: What celebrity annoys you the most?

JM: I get annoyed with Kermit.  I feel like he needs to stick up for himself.  I feel like Kermit the Frog needs to be a little more out spoken.  He needs to declare himself a little more.

“Greetings from California” will be released on Sept. 16.

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