By Tommy McFly

There’s something about Robin William’s unexpected death that’s really rattling and it’s not clear why.

When the alerts came in that this brilliant 63-year-old comedian and guy-everyone-invited-into-their-living-room had died it felt like losing a family member. He’s not an immediate family member, we never spent holidays together and he certainly wasn’t there when I got off the school bus growing up, but he was always someone who made lives brighter.

The next few days will be filled with coroner reports and a slew of disturbing or unnecessary details that we’ll all be subjected to.

He just finished a stint in rehab to “fine tune” his health and make sure working on back-to-back projects didn’t relapse him into substance abuse.

There’s that feeling of someone we knew being lost. Robin and I never met, but his brilliance on screen created iconic roles and memories that I’ll never forget. Here are my top five favorites.

5. Mork 

4. Death to Smoochy

3. Peter Pan in Hook

2. Genie in Aladdin

1. Mrs. Doubtfire

Robin will ride as Teddy Roosevelt one last time in Night at the Museum 3 this December.

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