By: Jodi Phillips

Weeks ago, a three-year-old girl was reportedly kicked out of a KFC in Jackson, Miss. The family claims employees came up to the girl and her grandmother and asked them to leave because customers were uncomfortable with the girl’s facial scars.  Now, a private investigator is saying the entire thing was a hoax.

At the time of the incident, the girl’s grandmother claimed they were asked by KFC employees to leave because customers were uncomfortable with the girl’s looks.  Soon, the story made national headlines and people erupted in anger towards the chicken company.  KFC publicly apologized for the incident and even donated $30,000 towards the girl’s medical bills.

The Laurel Leader-Call claims the local franchise hired a private investigator after the family’s timeline began to show holes in the story.  Security footage shows the girl and her grandmother never entered the KFC establishment when they claimed.  In fact, sales receipts show no one ordered the mashed potatoes and sweet tea meal as they said.

The family established a crowdsourcing page for the girl prior to the incident, which held a total of $535.  Once the story made headlines, the fund rose to a staggering $135,000.  Investigators claim the family made up the story to inflate the fund. Even a Las Vegas plastic surgeon was willing to fix the girl’s facial scars pro bono after hearing the story.

Dick West, president of West Quality Food,  one of the largest franchisees in the KFC chain and the owner of the local KFCs declined to comment publicly, but made his feelings known on a Jackson television Facebook page.  “When the allegation was first made, KFC pledged $30,000 to go to medical expenses and started an investigation to find the truth. They have pledged the money even if it is proven that the incident never happened. At this point their story is full of holes. Any thinking person who follows their timeline can see it. The event at KFC never happened.”

Whether the story is true or a hoax, KFC is still willing to donate the $30,000 to go towards her medical bills.

According to the family, the little girl was attacked by her grandfather’s pit bulls and was left with facial scars and an eye patch over her right eye.

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