By Jen Richer

It’s Release Tuesday and the movie HER comes out on DVD today starring Joaquin Phoenix and Amy Adams.  This is the movie where he falls in love with his phones operating system. Scarlett Johansson  voices the system.

Amy Adams said writer/director Spike Jonze essentially locked her and Joaquin Phoenix in a room together for an hour or two every other day and make them talk to each other during filming. Jonze admits it was a way for the actors to get to know each other better and develop more chemistry.  In fact, Adams and Phoenix are still close friends since filming stopped.

Steve Carrell is heading back to TV. He’s producing a new improv show out tonight called “Riot.” It’s an improv game show where teams have to do improv with crazy props.  The only catch? The entire stage is tilted. Catch that on Fox tonight at 9 p.m.

It’s down to the wire for the Wizards because tonight is game 5 in Indianapolis but the Verizon Center is opening its doors for a Wizards watch party. There will be face painters, sign painting stations and Wizards alumni.

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