By Kelly Collis

Okay, I admit it.  I cheated over the weekend.

My favorite team, the Washington Nationals, were traveling on Mother’s Day and I really wanted to take my kids to a ball game. Even though I couldn’t see the Nats, just down the road the Baltimore Orioles were playing the Astros. I grew up with the Orioles (before my Nats came to town) and my kids had never been to Camden Yards. So, I packed up the kids and off we went.

We headed to Baltimore on a perfect weather day, found quick parking and headed into a sea of Orange.  The only problem? I could not get into it.  I just kept thinking about how much better it would be watching the Nationals.

Here is the list of issues I have with Oriole Park at Camden Yards.

-They don’t have the presentation of colors prior to the game.

-Every food vendor sells sausage. Finding a hamburger is a like the ultimate Where’s Waldo game. But, there is Old Bay everywhere.

-They had a very small selection of red wine, which is my drink of choice.

– The seats are not angled towards home plate.

– The music they play is from the late 70s prior to the game.  There was a lot of Led Zeppelin and Eagles.

– They didn’t play any walk-up songs for the opposing team. In fact, they didn’t play any music other than the O’s walk up music, the stadium is eerily quiet.

– I look much better in red than orange.

Most importantly, I did not have a connection with the players. How can you cheer on a team that you don’t know?  Either way, there is no question I will cheer on the Nationals during the battle of the beltway series in July.

I promise, I won’t cheat again.

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