By: Kelly CollisBy Kelly Collis

Every morning, my job includes scanning the latest gossip and celebrity headlines.  Each year, there are always a handful of high schoolers who ask celebrities to prom on YouTube.

This year, one of the first ones that went viral was a boy from Kentucky awkwardly asking if Jennifer Lawrence would go to the dance with him.

I personally loved going to Prom back in the early 90s so I had to wonder why I haven’t been asked to prom?  I think I would make a good date!

I am respectful, fun, I love to dance and sometimes have the mind of a teenager. Airing these grievances on air landed me a prom date.

Lynne emailed me shortly after she heard the show, telling me about her son. “My son has autism and is a senior. He doesn’t want to go to prom. We think that Kelly could convince him to go,” she said.  A week later, I had lunch with her and her son Ryan and the conversation flowed easily. We met at one of his favorite restaurants, we talked about music, playlists on our iPod/MP3 players, movies and his job.

Alas, he still wasn’t convinced going to prom was a good idea after our initial meeting.

We shared email addresses and passed along a few notes back and forth, slowly building our friendship. He finally asked me to prom and our friendship continued.  We even spent time together when he came in studio with us one morning. Not only that but we also went to the White House Egg Roll with me (see photo above), where he bonded with me and my 8-year-old daughter.

So the tuxedo is rented, car is reserved and flowers are on order.  We are both excited for the big night on May 9.

I’ll post all the photos from the night after, so check back.

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