By: Kelly CollisBy Kelly Collis

The Washington Capitals didn’t make it to the playoffs, but to almost everyone’s surprise the Washington Wizards did. They beat the Chicago Bulls in Chicago for the first time since 1989 and and are returning to D.C. on Friday night to cap off the series.  I am jumping on the bandwagon and cheering on the team. Since I am a new fan, I decided to educated myself on some Wiz trivia.  Here is what I learned about D.C.’s pride-and-joy right now:

1. Nenê (#42) is 6’11” and one of the stars of the team. He is Brazilian, lives in Arlington with his wife and young son.

2. Bradley Beal (#3) is the youngest player on the team, not even able to legally drink at the ripe age of 19.

3. John Wall (#2) signed with the Wizards in 2010 and on March 1, 2014 recorded a career high of 16 assists, along with 17 points, 3 rebounds and 2 steals, in a 122-103 victory over the Philadelphia 76ers

4. After retiring from the Bulls, Michael Jordan became the Washington Wizards’ president of basketball operations as well as a minority owner in January 2000. In September 2001, Jordan came out of retirement at age 38 to play for Washington.

5. The last time the Wizards went to the playoffs was 2008.  It didn’t end well.  They won the finals in 1977 when they were called the Bullets.

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