By Courtney E. Smith

When it comes to boy bands there are two distinct classes: the Beatles and Motown.

The former play their own instruments and write their own songs, while the latter are strictly singers who tend to tap into a school of top quality songwriters. Both classes, of course, made legendary music, offering a blueprint for all of their disciples.

In theory, Rixton are firmly in the Beatles camp. They’re a band made up of British lads who play their own instruments, yet lead singer Jake Roche surprised us when he said, in the band’s interview with, that Motown’s wunderkind Michael Jackson is his real hero. “Probably because I dance like him a lot,” he said. Verdict’s still out on that one.

The guys recently released the video for their first single, “Me and My Broken Heart,” off their debut EP, Me and My Broken Heart, and lead guitarist Charley Bagnall told us his biggest broken heart was for Jared Leto. Well, not really, but the guys did say they depend on each other to get through the heartache and bassist Danny Wilkin did admit to locking himself in a room for six weeks to write depressing songs after a break up.

Rixton also told us about their musical idols, which range from Meatloaf to Marilyn Manson, how they were all mere teenagers when they first started writing music and admit that they’re still not entirely convinced that being in a band is a viable career option. But they’re not going to stop belivin’.

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