By: Jodi Phillips

It’s been a hard year for Selena Gomez. In January, she checked herself into a two-week rehab program, her on-again, off-again boyfriend is dealing with legal issues that are imposing on her life and she has been the center of Bieber fan attacks for months.

But the songstress put everything aside this week when she spoke at We Day, a conference day for teens and youth who empower their community through service and charity.  Attendees can’t buy tickets to the event, they’re only earned through a year-long We Act program.

Attendees were given quite the motivation when Gomez took the stage to talk about the pressures of the industry, her struggles trying to find herself and how she can’t change the world but wants to push other people to do so.

“I’m surrounded by people who are supposed to guide me, and some of them have and others haven’t,” she spoke freely to the audience. “They pressure me … you gotta be sexy, you gotta be cute, you gotta be nice. You gotta be all these things.”

“You all have pressure that you have to deal with every day I’m sure with school, with work, with friends, with parents, with family. … They tell me what to wear, how to look, what I should say, how I should be,” she said, her voice starting to crack under emotion.  “Until recently, I had given into that pressure. I lost sight of who I was. I listened to opinions of people and I tried to change who I am because I thought that others would accept me for it.”

“I know what it’s like figuring out what types of friends you have,” she said. “I’d be lying if I said I’ve never tried to make myself better by giving in because I have, but I’ve learned from my actions and for all of the things I’ve done, I’m proudest of that. I’ve learned from my mistakes.”

The audience cheered after nearly every sentence the “Come & Get It” singer said, pushing her to smile through the emotion until the end of her seven-minute speech.

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