by Tim YorroBy Jen Richer

It’s hard to keep up with Maria Menounos, which may explain her aptly titled new docu-series.

Menounos, co-host of “Extra,” a N.Y. Times bestseller and TV personality, chatted with Jen Richer of The Tommy Show about life, children and “Chasing Maria Menounos” — her new show on the Oxygen Network.

It follows her fast-paced life and relationships with longtime boyfriend Keven Undergaro, her parents and her five (yes, five) dogs.

From fan reaction to the series premiere, Menounos believes viewers connect with the content.

All except for one “fan,” however.

“[My dad] is very, very adamant that we have kids and that we are already too late. I’m 35, I’m not that old yet but in baby making years, I am getting old.”

Menounos thinks the hesitation in most women in their late 20s to early 40s is confusion with timing.

“We are so much more career driven than we ever were. So in the show, we are exploring all of this and exploring when the right time is and a lot of people are connecting with that theme,” she said.

“I know that there are a lot of women out there who feel that pressure and it’s eerie. I interviewed Chelsea Clinton this weekend and she echoed that and you’ll get to see that in my new interview with her,” she comments before adding, “she feels similar.”

For Menounos however, now may be as good a time as ever. Rumors have circulated that she is leaving “Extra,” but don’t expect wedding bells or baby announcements anytime soon.

“[Keven and I] have always felt married in our hearts and in our minds. It’s everyone else that has a problem with it,” she admits to Richer. “When we talk seriously about it, we realize it would be more of an issue [not to be married] when we have kids.”  The star feels strongly about feeling pressured to get married for children.  “I don’t feel like a piece of paper is going to make that much of a difference. I do get the sentimental value about professing your love to one another, but we have very different views on what that wedding would look like.”

While Menounos would like to contrast her hectic lifestyle with a small family wedding in Greece, Undergaro wants a massive affair, even contacting Kris Jenner to see if she would plan the special day.

With a longtime relationship, juggling careers and the looming gray cloud of her biological clock ticking, she credits a large support group for not letting her melt under her schedule’s pressure.

“You just have to prioritize and keep good people around you to help keep you sane.”

Menounos’ book “The Everygirl’s Guide To Life” was released in 2011 and her next book, “The Everygirl’s Guide To Diet and Fitness” is set for an early June release.

“Chasing Maria Menounos” airs 10 p.m. on Tuesdays.

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