By: Jodi Phillips

From Baby Boomers to Generation X and all the way to Millennials, there has always been a disconnect between the generations.  But that disconnect is becoming more apparent with the overwhelming influence of the Millennials.  In fact, Millennials Week is coming to Washington, D.C. in June, which celebrates the power, philanthropy and widespread networking ability of the current generation.

Full disclosure: this post is being written by a Millennial.

We’re called the lazy generation, the “me, me, me” generation and the narcissistic generation by just about everyone, but there are far more reasons why we are more than that.  Here are 10 reasons why two Millennials think we are far superior:

1.  We work hard and we play hard.  Yes. We might show up to work in yoga pants and a hoodie but that doesn’t mean we don’t work 12+ hour days to make sure you look good.  Many times we will work hours perfecting a project that will ultimately be stolen from our hands and stamped with a manager’s name while getting no credit.  But we deal with it because we grew up learning that to achieve your dreams, sometimes you have to deal with terrible bosses.

2.  Mirolax is not yet a staple in our diets. Kudos for being regular, seriously.  But we’re more focused on our paleo, gluten-free, clean-eating diets to worry about regularity.  We buy so much kale, spinach, super lean chicken and green juices that our bodies are consistently trying to rid itself of all the healthiness anyway.  So, we’re good to go (literally) on that.

3.  Our inbox is not filled with AARP daily newsletters.  In fact, we can’t remember the last time we logged onto that Hotmail and AOL email account.  We use that email address as a way to bypass all those annoying sites that don’t let you on unless they have an email address.  We never check it and half the time, if it doesn’t come to our Mail app on our phones, we don’t see it anyway.

4.  Justin. Timberlake.  Enough said.

5. We have no false illusions about retirement.  Sure, if we’re lucky enough to get a “big kid” job, we’re going to invest in some kind of 401K because we’re told that’s the thing to do but honestly, half of us don’t even understand what all that terminology means.  All I know is I get a letter once a quarter saying I have a few thousand dollars in an account for when I retire.  Of course, there’s no way with inflating costs that it will allow me to actually live after I retire.  But, I’ve accepted that I will be working at Michael’s Craft Stores well into my 80s.  But hey! Discount!  My knitting is going to be spot-on.

6. We’re fiscally responsible. We shop at thrift stores and then sing about it.

7. We don’t waste time getting dressed up for work. A hoodie and leggings will do most of the time.  Half of the jobs we do are never seen by the public anyway.  The only bit of light we get in our cubicle comes from the flickering fluorescent bulbs above us. Besides, we like to be comfortable for when we go home and invent things like Facebook, Google, and “Girls” in our overly priced apartments in some kind of arts district in the city.

8. We have liberated you from secrets and scandals.  No longer are you stuck playing phone tag with your girlfriends to gossip about what your neighbor Martha did while she was at the corner bar this past Friday.  Instead, we streamlined a way to witness it happening, document it on Instagram, put a funny hashtag to it and get Tumblr famous for the hilarity.  And if it makes it to the Instagram popular page? Even better.  There are no secrets on the Internet, people.  Behave.

9. FOMO.  Google it. Then Instagram, snap, tumble, pin, tweet and post it on Facebook.  We are so inundated with information, I can tell you exactly what that viral pregnancy time lapse video was, when Justin Bieber was arrested, where Chris Brown allegedly smacked that dude in front of a hotel and even what the funniest comments were on a viral post about Kanye West pleading no contest to misdemeanor battery.  (No Kanye, it does not make you “stronger”).

10. We got sick and tired of ‘Be Kind, Rewind” so we invented online streaming.  Seriously, Generation Y?  You’re welcome for this one.  Now you can binge watch all of those old shows you grew up on one after the other. All I can say is that there may or may not have been a weekend or two where I watched every episode of “Dexter” and “Lost” in a row.  I’m talking like 12 hours of straight Dark Passenger and Smoke Monster.  Did I feel gluttonous afterwards? Absolutely!  But I personally kept Pizza Hut in business that month.

11. Bonus (since we’re not great with following rules): There are no jobs for us after college. We don’t go into our college careers expecting to toss our graduation cap and catch a job offer at a high-level firm in New York City, but between our blog, Etsy shop and our part-time ironic t-shirt business, we’ll be okay.

Now, excuse us while we tweet and Facebook share this post to our other Millennial friends who are no doubt perusing their timelines at this very moment.

Refresh.  Retweet.

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