Viral Videos of the Week: March 14, 2014

If you’ve been scrolling your Facebook feed at all in the past seven days, chances are you’ve skimmed a few of these shared videos littered among status updates and pictures of babies.

This week, we’ve seen Frozen addicts, questionable parenting, strangers kissing and more.

Here are some of the biggest viral videos from the week in one place.  You’re welcome for the distraction.

20 Strangers Kissing on Camera – 47 million+ views

The idea behind this video was pretty random to the naked eye but it was actually an elaborate ad for a clothing company. Fashion designer Melissa Coker brought 20 strangers together in a room with a camera and had one demand: kiss.   The 20 people were complete strangers and included a mix of regular people off the street and musicians.

Listen, Listen Linda – 2 million+ views

Three-year-old Matteo will no doubt be the captain of his debate team in high school.  His desire and need for cupcakes causes him to get sassy and hilarious with his mother.

Parents Lip-Sync ‘Frozen’ Perfectly – 3 million+ views

It’s not just children who are obsessed with the Oscar-winning cartoon Frozen.  These two parents filmed their lip-sync routine of the movie’s song “Love is An Open Door” and it lines up perfectly.  The highlight? Watching their child in the backseat seem entirely disinterested in the charade.

Los Alamitos High School Teachers Read Mean Tweets

In an effort to show how easy it is to find the things people say on the Internet, the teachers at Los Alamitos High School in California found and read mean tweets that students wrote in the same Jimmy Kimmel style that has become viral and famous.

President Obama on ‘Between Two Ferms’

Funny or Die enlisted Zach Galifianakis to host a segment titled “Between Two Ferns” where he awkwardly interviews celebrities while trying to fake seriousness.  This week, he managed to nab an interview with the biggest name of all: President Obama.

Have you seen any great videos this week?

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