By Tommy McFly

With the rising popularity of Instagram, more and more users are documenting their days with strategically filtered pictures and hashtags.  If you’re an avid fan of being ‘in the know’ with all things Washington, D.C. then this is the list for you.  I’ve come up with 10 of the best Washingtonians to follow on Instagram, so open that app and start to explore.

1.  The Nationals

The Nationals offer great behind-the-scenes shots of the Boys of Summer getting ready for the season.  It’s kind of like collecting baseball cards for the new generation.

2.  Kate Glassman Bennett

Kate is an amigo of the Tommy Show and intrepid style seeker, bridal guru and hunter of mom-trends.  Her feed is private, but go ahead and ask to be her friend and she’ll gladly say yes.

3.  US Interior

Monuments, canyons and bears, oh my!  The Department of the Interior contributes beautiful shots that make you shout “yeah, America!” at least once a day.  I mean, who wouldn’t love to see this all the time?

4.  CityCenterDC

City Center D.C. gives you a peek at what’s been happening behind-the-barrier of the six-block mega development downtown.

5.  The Smithsonian

How could you not?  Increase your history knowledge and peek at all their behind-the-scenes stuff.

6.  Tysons Corner Center (shoptysons)

Love shopping and winning? Tyson’s Corner Center always has a finger on the pulse of trends and shopping all around NoVa.

7.  EdHenryTV

Ed is a White House Correspondent and posts pictures from behind the iron gates of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. 

8.  Erin_Willett

The Tommy Show’s proclaimed Daughter of Gaithersburg was a finalist on NBC’s The Voice a few years back.  Follow along as her career rises and hilarity ensues in Montgomery County, La. and New York.

9.  dswartz

Daniel Swartz captures nightlife happenings with pictures for his website but follow him for behind-the-scenes looks at flashy events.

St. Jude Gourmet Gala!

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10.  brightestyoungthings

BrightestYoungThings always has a view of Washington that’s shot at an interesting angle, with a cool filter you haven’t dared to experiment with before and a sassy pants edge that makes them a must read… or look at.


A post shared by BYT (@brightestyoungthings) on

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Chip and I are very busy.

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