Top 10 Celebrities That Should Retire

By: Jen Richer

Are you tired of the same Hollywood stars gracing every magazine cover and being a topic of every show?  Believe me, it’s just as bad in radio.  There are some people that need to take an indefinite hiatus from the spotlight.  I’ve gathered the top 10 people that we’re tired of talking and hearing about.

1. Billy Ray Cyrus – Hot off the success of his twerking daughter Miley Cyrus, and sans mullet, Billy’s trying to make a comeback with a new space-aged remix of “Achey Breaky Heart” called “Achey Breaky 2.”  Don’t hurt yourself, the first go around wasn’t that great.

2. Britney Spears – We’ve been waiting with baited breath for her to get it together, but after her fizzled judging season on The X Factor the only place we could stash her was Vegas. And even there she can’t really get it right.  This week, she forgot to lip sync during her song “Alien.”

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3. Clay Aiken – His 15 minutes are up but the American Idol runner-up just can’t get out of the spotlight. After a failing run on Celebrity Apprentice, he’s now hoping to carve out some space on Capitol Hill. Yes, he’s running for North Carolina Congress.

4. The Kardashian Klan – There is so much estrogen ruling that house even Bruce is turning into a woman. That family will do anything for attention… and an endorsement.

5. Celine Dion – Her career went overboard about the same time the Titanic went down.

6. Andy Dick – You weren’t funny the first time, stop trying.  It’s painful.

7. Paris Hilton – She’ll do anything to fight the inevitable and keep from joining the family business.  Paris Hilton: concierge?

8. Dennis Rodman – I can’t tell if he’s trying to start a world war, or just desperate for attention

9. Justin Bieber – It’s time to take a break from your mediocre music career and get some help.

10. Lindsay Lohan – How nice of her to take time from her busy court schedule to make a few made-for-TV movies and squeak out an auto-tuned song for iTunes, but we’re over your crazy.

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