By Kelly Collis

Chances are you’re snowed in today.  Unless you’re one of the brave men and women who work as a first responder, you’ll be stuck at home all day long.  But 12 hours of cabin fever can get pretty crazy if you have kids.

Here are some great ideas for you and the kids in this massive storm.

1.  Snow Graffiti – Give kids spray bottles full of water that’s tinted with food coloring to decorate the snow.

2.  Dress Up – Play dress up with old Halloween costumes, random items from the grown up closets and have a photoshoot.

3.  Computer games – Games don’t have to be a bad, they can be educational. A few include Discovery Kids, PBS KidsNational Geographic, and Cool Math games. There is something for everyone that can help train the brain.

4.  Bake or cook – Chocolate chip cookies are always a winner!

5.  Chores – This one may not be ideal for the kid but use it as time to clean up that closet or playroom.  Shop your closet and rediscover old items that need to be worn, donated or added to the costume collection.

The last resort is to sit home and watch TV and ban the words “I’m bored” from the house

Happy snow day!


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