By: Taylor Shay

“Well that was interesting,” says vague status updating friend on Facebook.  Not interesting enough for me to ask you about it, though. Those are my second favorite Facebook statuses that I hate. My favorite are the relationship status changes and specifically the ones back to single. Do you ever secretly think “not shocked at all” when you read it?

In all seriousness , I do love cute kid pictures and videos on Facebook. Also acceptable are dogs doing cute things and any idea you successfully executed from Pinterest that I can steal from you.  Keep that up.

Thankfully none of those are on this list from about Facebook status updates that need to be retired. They’re 100% right! What do you think? Check out the full list here.

By the way, are we friends on Facebook? I promise I don’t break any of the status update rules and will post plenty of pictures of my cute nephew Bryce:

Taylor Shay/WIAD

my dog Cookie:

Taylor Shay/WIAD

and stuff I make from Pinterest without injuring myself:

Taylor Shay/WIAD


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