By Tommy McFly

Primrose / by Kelly Collis

Confession: I have never seen or read any part of “The Hunger Games” trilogy.

On Wednesday’s The Tommy Show, we got a visit from a member of the cast.

Willow Shields, who plays “Primrose,” Katniss’ sister, could not be a more together, eloquent and fun, young lady. 

I did my research on her: She’s from New Mexico, home schooled and on the recent cover of Seventeen Magazine.

In hindsight, my mistake was asking Kelly Collis to give me some “Hunger Games” intel before our interview. 

“She’s the one Jennifer Lawrence’s character gives the goat to,” she said. 

Well, deductive reasoning would tell you that in a movie called “The Hunger Games,” if someone gives you a goat, you would eat it…


That’s not (I know now) how the movie goes. 

Thanks for all the great calls of “the movie you’ve never seen that the rest of the world probably has…”

Hit ‘play’ to hear the interview below:

“The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” opens in theaters Nov. 22.

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