by Cristina Mayer

The Plain White T’s hit the Ram’s Head Live stage in Baltimore on Nov. 10 in support of their current four-song EP release, “I Should’ve Gone To Bed.”

Tom Higgenson and Tim Lopez, who both sing and play guitar, talked to 947FreshFM about the band’s approach to the new record and the story behind their new single, and also set expectations for the Not So Silent Night concert in December.

Higgenson said the group’s process of making music has changed since their first big hit, “Hey There Delilah,” was released in 2005.

“The new album is definitely different than any other album we’ve made,” he said. “Tim is writing a lot more so the song writing process is a little bit different. We have more songs to choose from.”

Higgenson jokingly said this new method of producing records has led to “more fist fights” and “arm wrestling” between the band members in studio.

“Tim’s songs only have to be 60 percent as good as mine to make the album.”

Lopez says the band’s current song, “The Giving Tree,” paints a picture of finding closure at the end of a long relationship.

“I was home in Santa Barbara and ran into an ex of mine and our relationship ended pretty badly. She had moved on and was with someone else. I saw their relationship kind of falling apart the same way that ours did.

“I kind of realized you’re not changing, you’re not learning, you’re not growing and it felt like you’re going to tear this person apart like you did to me. In that relationship, I was the “Giving Tree” and she was the taker.”

This isn’t the first song Lopez has written about that particular relationship but it is the last.

“I feel like writing that song once it was done, I thought – ‘that’s the last song,'” he said.

The Plain White T’s will be with Matt Nathanson, Gavin DeGraw and Sara Bareilles at our “Not So Silent Night” in mid-December. The band promises some surprises at the show.

“I’m a big Christmas guy,” Higgenson said. “Usually I’ll write Christmas songs every year so maybe I’ll have to write one for this holiday season.”

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