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By now, you’ve heard: Our very own Kelly Collis said “yes” and didn’t run screaming in five-inch heels through the streets of Northwest D.C. when her fiance popped the question.

And now that the mission is complete … we need to take a look at the five weeks (Yes, five weeks!) that went into the magic moment.

Sept. 26

Steadman (the fiance), Tommy and producers Brendan Kownacki and Chris Brown met in secret at Edgar in the Mayflower Hotel to discuss how it would all happen.

In the Weeks that Followed

The ring was finalized at Mervis, Pat Monahan of Train got involved, a car was booked, D.C. Improv actress Taylor Kincaid was recruited, a musician — David Andrew Smith — auditioned, locations were scouted and friends were slowly let in on the secret.

The best thing was: Kelly was kept completely in the dark.

Nov. 5

Kelly thought she was going to a Caps game with a few of Steadman’s friends. She thought wrong, but I’ll let her tell that part.

Back at the Spanish Steps, a team was in place to capture and execute the moment:

Hit ‘play’ below:

In the next installment of “The Making of Kelly’s Engagement,” full video from Kelly’s perspective, complete with hidden cameras in the car.

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