Testing 1, 2, 3 … O.A.R. to Sample Songs on Summer Tour

by Cristina Mayer

Rockville’s own O.A.R. has spent the last 15 years bringing its dynamic live shows to amphitheaters, acclaimed music halls and arenas around the country.

The band recently kicked off its “Sounds of Summer” tour, showcasing long sets with impressive opening performances from  soulful newcomer Allen Stone and piano virtuoso/songwriter Andrew McMahon (Formerly of Jack’s Mannequin & Something Corporate).

O.A.R. drummer Chris Culos and saxophonist Jerry DePizzo chatted with 947 Fresh FM before the band performed at the Tabernacle in Atlanta Saturday.

The band spent time in studio working on a new album (the follow up to 2011’s double disc studio release, “King”) prior to hitting the road this summer seeking reaction across the country.

When it comes to playing new songs on stage, DePizzo said the band welcomes feedback — positive or negative.

“We play the new material to see if it falls flat and if it does you tweak it.  The new songs that we are playing, “Caroline The Wrecking Ball,” “I Will Find You,” and “The Architect” need reps in front of an audience in order for them to be what they’re going to be.”

Culos said over the years, the band’s method of introducing new material to audiences has varied from full disclosure to completely confidential, but they’ve learned reaction is an integral part of the process.

“We said if we want these songs to be songs that are going to last and be the songs that we can play every night as crowd favorites, they have to develop on stage.”

Hang With O.A.R. at an Exclusive Backstage BBQ

As for expectations about the new album?

“I think there are just a lot of cool songs,” Jerry DePizzo said. “I think on this record we’ve just trusted our instincts and I think that’s super-important because that’s what you did at the beginning because you didn’t know differently. To kind of come full circle and get back to that is really important.”

Check out O.A.R. and its “Sounds of Summer” tour at Merriweather Post Pavilion Aug. 1. Click here for more…

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