True Blood: Questions from a Newbie

by Tommy McFLY

Everyone is talking about the Season Six premiere of True Blood on HBO.  Until today, I have never seen a single second of the show despite being badgered by many coworkers, friends and social media pals. I caught it on demand this afternoon.

Now I have so many questions…

Can anyone help?

1. Why is that guy red?

2. The girl with the accent, how does she fit in?

3. How is the non-vampire with the wooden bullets allowed to hang with the vampires? Why would he want to?

4. If Bill can take over that girl in the pink shirt … Why wouldn’t he do that to everyone? End of show.

5. Why does Pam look so old if Vampires don’t age? They don’t right?

6. Oh, so the Pack Master is a Werewolf.  Were they introduced before or after Twilight?

7. Is it just me or does Arlene and Andy remind you of Nadine and Wade from Grace Under Fire?

8. Who’s the old guy in the station wagon that picked up the non-vampire?

9. How did Billy stop being red?

10. Don’t stakes-through-the-heart kill vampires, or is that only in the movies?

11. The Governor is dealing in Vampire Relations as a way to get re-elected?

12. People are thrown out of Paquin’s House. Is it like Big Brother?

13. So, “True Blood” is that like Organic Juice?

14. What does writing in blood do?

15. The summoning thing, does that happen often?

16. The non-vampire guy sees his dead parents?

17. The old guy is a really bad dude, right?

Please leave your thoughts in the comment section (and sorry for my True Ignorance!)

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